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On February 15 – 2024, Evelyn Monninkhof (UMC Utrecht) and Renate Winkels (WUR) shared their perspectives on the effect of exercise and nutrition on cancer and cancer related side effects. More than 50 people tuned in for their Lunch & Learn lecture.

If you were unable to make it to the meeting, feel free to watch it below.  

About this Lunch & Learn meeting: A healthy lifestyle can prevent approximately one-third of cancer cases. Furthermore, it improves the quality of life during and after cancer treatment. However, permanent lifestyle change remains a significant challenge for many. Evelyn Monninkhof (UMC Utrecht) and Renate Winkels (WUR) are researching the relationship between exercise and nutrition in cancer. In doing so, they can make good use of each other’s expertise, as well as that of sociologists and technologists.   

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