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Seed Funding

The Institute 4 Preventive Health offers a Seed Fund tailored for small-scale initiatives. This includes projects geared towards laying the groundwork for initial research, enabling the pursuit of larger grant applications, or activities that bolster the preparation for such applications.

How it works

Several times a year, the i4ph orchestrates seed calls, centering around our core research themes. These calls are specifically designed to tackle challenges in preventive health. We invite members across the four alliance institutions to submit innovative proposals. Per seed call, a selection of projects is selected for seed funding to propel their research endeavors.

Our primary objective is to foster and provide financial backing for collaborative ventures that transcend disciplines within the four alliance institutions. We highly encourage you to submit proposals that involve researchers from multiple alliance institutions. Detailed guidelines outlining this objective can be found within the terms of each seed call.

How to get seed funding

Each year, several seed calls are released, that are open to research proposals. Proposals are submitted by completing the application form, which solicits details about the applicants, the main research objectives, a project plan, and the requested budget. The i4PH team assesses all submissions and selects the most promising ones, inviting them to elaborate on their research ideas. Subsequently, several research proposals are chosen for seed funding, based on the available budget.

Connect with the i4PH community

If your research proposal requires additional collaborators and you find yourself uncertain about whom to engage, we can help you by facilitating connections within our community network. This network encompasses fellow researchers, industry partners, and societal stakeholders, all of whom can provide valuable contributions to your project.

Find out more about the latest seed calls

Our upcoming seed calls (and their deadlines) are published on our agenda and our news page.