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On March 21 – 2024, Carlijn Kamphuis (UU), Jantien van Berkel (UU) and Lilian van der Ven (UMCU) shared their perspectives on the increasing health disparities, including a call for collaborative policies to ensure greater social security.

If you were unable to make it to the meeting, feel free to watch it below.  

About this Lunch & Learn lecture: Individuals in lower socio-economic positions (SEP) live on average up to 9 years shorter and up to 25 years longer with disease than those in higher SEP. “The tide can only be turned with an intersectoral approach of the underlying causes of these health disparities,” say UU scientists Carlijn Kamphuis and Jantien van Berkel. Lilian van der Ven (UMC Utrecht) is already building a collaborative approach. While they know how to find each other, they are looking for more input, especially from scientists in governance and technology.