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On June 21, 2024, the institute for Preventive Health and the EWUU alliance’s AI group are set to host a session during the annual NSPOH Midsummer Day. The NSPOH (Netherlands School of Public & Occupational Health) is a non-profit organisation that trains professionals to contribute to improving public health, working conditions, and labour participation in the Netherlands.

During the event, NSPOH anticipates an exploration of “future proof” healthcare through the pervasive influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Attendees will delve into the integration of AI within their field of social medicine, uncovering strategies for leveraging its potential. Facilitating this exploration, i4PH and the AI group will host a masterclass titled “AI in Practice: Innovation for Health,” serving as a platform to showcase the transformative capabilities of AI through a series of compelling research projects.

Thomas Jalving (Search4Solutions) will delve into the DINO Game project, designed to support children aged 7 to 12 facing chronic illnesses or Covid-19-related limitations in school attendance and social interaction. Through innovative AI integration within a multiplayer location-based game, Jalving will demonstrate how physical activity optimization becomes attainable for these children.

In addition, Joep Wegstapel (Verticai) will showcase Verticare, an AI tool that is a spinoff of the Care2Report research program. With its focus on streamlining administrative registration processes, Verticare promises to ease the burden on healthcare professionals, ensuring more efficient workflow management.

Both research projects are products of the collaborative efforts within the EWUU alliance, and have received seed money from the collaborative AI and i4PH seed call in 2023.

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