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Ellen Kampman

Ellen Kampman is a nutritional epidemiologist and Chair in Nutrition and Disease at the Division of Human Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University & Research. The Chair group Nutrition and Disease conducts observational research as well as intervention and mechanistic studies on the role of diet and other lifestyle factors in the prevention and treatment of cardiometabolic diseases (prof. Marianne Geleijnse), gastro-intestinal diseases (prof. Ben Witteman), morbid obesity treatment (prof. Eric Hazebroek) and cancer (prof. Ellen Kampman).

The Chair group obtains research grants from governmental and non-governmental bodies. Kampman is a member of (inter)national advisory (i.e. National Health Council, Netherlands Nutrition Centre) and scientific committees (WHO-IARC, World Cancer Research Fund). She published about 250 scientific papers and supervised more than 30 PhD students.

Wageningen University & Research focuses on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’, which fits very closely with the vision of the Institute for Preventive Health (i4PH). We do so by working closely together with governments and the business community. We have a broad expertise and outstanding facilities for academic education and research in primary and tertiary prevention and behavioural change.

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