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Akoesticum, Ede

June 25th – Shaping the Future of Health in the Netherlands and Beyond

by i4PH, WUR, ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality

The institute for Preventive Health (i4PH), part of the EWUU alliance, is dedicated to fostering a dynamic and interconnected community. Our mission is clear: to drive groundbreaking research by cultivating meaningful partnerships that transcend institutional boundaries.We recognise the importance of nurturing connections across diverse preventive health communities. Therefore, we host Community Get-Togethers, bringing together researchers from all EWUU universities for insightful sessions and vibrant exchanges.

June 25th, 12.00 – 16.30h, Akoesticum, Ede

Join us on the 25th of June for a transformative event focused on shaping the future of health in the Netherlands and beyond. WUR, the institute 4 Preventive Health, the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality, invite you to participate in an insightful discussion on advancing innovation in nutrition & health. Discover cutting-edge research and engage in interactive sessions aimed at developing actionable strategies. Together, we can pave the way towards a healthier future for all.


12.00u Walk-in with lunch

13.00u Opening off the day

  • Introduction KB37 Healthy and Safe Food Systems
  • Introduction Institute 4 Preventive Health
  • Keynote Lecture Wouter Boon: Transition towards more preventive health. In his talk Wouter Boon will give an introduction to the concepts originating from transition studies which help to understand how the transition towards preventive health starts, what the main challenges are and what is needed to overcome these challenges.

14.00u Break, possibility to network

14.30u Three different workshops

Healthy Start – led by Edith Feskens
The Healthy Start focuses on the crucial role of early nutrition, physical activity, and mental health in long-term well-being. The primary goal is to provide a comprehensive framework to ensure children receive a healthy start in life. In this session we would like to discuss the different aspects along with existing knowledge gaps to be tackled and possible interventions.

Healthy Living Environment – led by Marleen Onwezen
Creating a healthy living environment involves multiple aspects that contribute to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. A comprehensive approach to cultivating a healthy living environment involves different elements including physical health, mental and emotional health, safe and comfortable living and working spaces, personal space as well as a clean and safe environment. In this session we would like to address these areas, and discuss how a nurturing and supportive space can be created that promotes overall well-being for yourself and your family.

Sustainable Health & Nutrition – led by Diederik Esser
The concept of sustainable nutrition is focused on an optimal and health-promoting diet that’s culturally acceptable, easily accessible, and eco-friendly by reducing environmental costs for present and future generations. This means that nutrition and health is closely related and approaching this topic will require a holistic approach. Also important is to ensure engagement of consumers and other important stakeholders like governments and industry when pursuing solutions and innovations that will facilitate implementation. Discussing this holistic approach along with potential partnerships is expected to form a basis for healthier generations in the future.

15.30u Short break

15.45u Plenary session, feedback from the workshops

16.00u (Network) drinks

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