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Serre Botanische Tuinen, Budapestlaan 17, Utrecht

The institute for Preventive Health (i4PH), part of the EWUU alliance, is dedicated to fostering a dynamic and interconnected community. Our mission is clear: to drive groundbreaking research by cultivating meaningful partnerships that transcend institutional boundaries.We recognise the importance of nurturing connections across diverse preventive health communities. Therefore, we host Community Get-Togethers, bringing together researchers from all EWUU partners for insightful sessions and vibrant exchanges.

On October 3rd we will host a session during the Utrecht Science Week in collaboration with the UMC Utrecht prevention platform.

Advancing Lifestyle and Healthy Living Environments through Transdisciplinary Collaboration

Preventive health has become a cornerstone in the pursuit of long-term health and wellbeing, playing a crucial role in relieving stress on the healthcare system. One of the central themes in preventive health therefore is to preserve health and keep people living healthily for as long as possible. Lifestyle interventions and the development of healthy living environments are both essential in supporting this goal.

What is it about?

Our event will showcase how transdisciplinary collaboration —bridging healthcare professionals, researchers, communities, urban planners, and policymakers—are essential in shaping and implementing effective preventive health interventions. Through real life examples of lifestyle interventions and the development of healthy urban neighbourhoods, there is a showcase on how transdisciplinary research is put into practice.

A diverse community of experts with innovative approaches to preventive health will come together. Networking is a key component of this event, providing an opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals and community members. Share insights, exchange ideas, and build connections that will foster future research collaborations.

For whom?

This seminar is particularly interesting for mid-career researchers working on topics related to preventive health, lifestyle and healthy living environments, and who are interested in learning about the work of others and expanding their professional network. However, interested junior researchers, senior researchers and private and public partners are also welcome to participate.

Why join this seminar?

  • Real-Life Examples: Explore concrete case studies showcasing impactful lifestyle interventions and the development of healthy urban neighbourhoods. See firsthand how these initiatives are implemented and their impact on health outcomes.
  • Interaction: Connect and engage in discussions with like-minded researchers from the EWUU alliance, offering opportunities for future collaboration on seed funding projects and consortia for research projects.
  • Community: Be(come) part of a community committed to advancing preventive health. Join forces to lead innovative solutions and drive preventive health initiatives across various sectors.


2.30 PM
Doors open

3.00 PM
Introduction to the EWUU alliance’s i4PH and the UMC Utrecht prevention platform.

Presented by: 
Tessa Scherphof: Liaison Officer EWUU institute 4 Preventive Health
Lillian van der Ven: Prevention Coordinator UMC Utrecht

3.15 – 4.00 PM

Project Showcases

Two transdisciplinary projects are invited to show how the unique approach leads to practical solutions in lifestyle interventions and healthy living environments in the development of new neighbourhoods. More information about these projects will be shared soon.

4.00 PM – 5.00PM

Workshop – Community Networking: Dilemmas in Preventive Health

Let’s come together to work on dilemmas surrounding lifestyle interventions and healthy urban neigborhoods. Discover how your expertise complements and synergises with that of other attendees. Together, let’s see how our transdisciplinary expertise offers opportunities for future collaboration on seed funding projects or consortia for research projects.

5.00 PM – 6.30 PM
Drinks and networking